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SomaCentric Dialoguing 1
Nov 8 - 10, 2013
DiscoveryPoint School of Massage, Seattle, WA

Now available!
“The Insightful Body: Healing with SomaCentric Dialoguing” a book about going from conversing to dialoguing with clients.


Welcome to The CLEAR Institute™.

Here you will find information about classes, books and general information on how you can improve your communication. The purpose of The CLEAR Institute is to provide you with knowledge and tools so that you can understand how you can communicate better with those around you.

Start your understanding here about how you can more effectively communicate with your customers and colleagues, your loved ones and people you are about to meet.

When you understand what language they speak it is easier for you to clearly express your ideas and concerns. When you understand the language that your companion is speaking you can better meet their needs and wants.

Go beyond talking - have a true dialogue.

Transform your communication, learn what language to speak, express yourself accurately, have others express themselves accurately, become aware of the entire situation and come to clear and often times profound realizations.


Transforming Communication, Language and Expression

into Awareness and Realization - Be CLEAR

The CLEAR Institute

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